Adrift: Shocking Story of Survival.

Throughout history, there have been stories of feats of extraordinary courage and sheer willpower that have both shocked us, and also helped us to appreciate the hands that life has dealt us. These stories have also served as inspiration as to the lengths that people will go to get themselves out of hopeless situations.

From the many documentaries of such awe-inspiring stories, they probably are just but a few of such stories to ever come to light. These people endured torrid times and lived to tell their stories. Yes, you may be going through some things, but there are other people who could be having it worse than you.

In the Path of a Hurricane

Perhaps one of those people who could have endured a much more torrid time than you is Tami Oldham Ashcraft. You may be going through some things on land, but she had to face her worst nightmares out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, right in the middle of a hurricane.

Like any person in love, Oldham decided to follow her then fiancé on a journey across the Pacific. The person she was to get married to was an accomplished British sailor by the name of Richard Sharp. Their task was simple. Take a yacht from a harbor in Tahiti, sail across the Pacific and deliver it to San Diego. What could go wrong?

So, the couple decided to take on the task and they set of for San Diego from Tahiti. At the time they were sailing, mother nature had decided to throw one of her tempers and it came in the form of Hurricane Raymond. The couple plotted their route wisely and it was in their best interest to avoid meeting up with the hurricane.

Out in the middle of nowhere, minding their own business and enjoying each other’s company, what a way to spend time with the person you are going to marry. The mother nature decides to switch things up a bit, and send the hurricane away from the predicted path, and into the path of the yacht.


The couple attempted to change course and turn the yacht north to stop the hurricane from catching up with them. But that was in vain. Instead, they were battling 40-foot waves which was difficult on their yacht. Richard realized they were not going to outrun the hurricane, he sent his girlfriend below decks, and clipped a harness to himself and tied it onto the boat.

Oldham was being thrown about in the galley, and she heard Richard shout “Oh My God.” The boat rocked and she hit her head on the cabin walls. She blacked out from the impact and didn’t back to her senses for an entire day.

On recovering her consciousness, feeling very weak, she realized she was injured. She went on deck only to discover that Richard had been tossed free of the harness and was nowhere to be found. She was alone, and the boat was adrift. The yacht had been severely damaged and she could no longer rely on onboard communications and navigation system. Regaining her strength little by little, she found the will to survive.

So, she fashioned a small sail out of materials available and used a sextant to help guide her. For another 41 days, she was sailing. This time, not towards San Diego, but to the nearest landmass: Hawaii, where she was able to dock safely and get help.

Despite all this, she still enjoys sailing today, and the book she wrote about her survival was made into a thrilling feature film.