Being bored is actually good for your brain

Here’s something natural that happens to a lot of people. You may be at some place, say, your place of work, handling whatever you do every day. At some point in your daily tasks, you get this feeling that whatever you’re doing isn’t really worth paying attention to, or maybe it is absolutely dull to the point you feel like driving a nail through your hand to find something interesting.

However, without boredom, it would actually be impossible to attain some levels of enlightenment in life. Bouts of boredom are actually very necessary if you want to develop into an all encompassing intellectual. Here’s why…

Boredom is a key driver of creativity.

It’s no secret that the Roman Catholic Church did everything in their power to keep a hold of their people. They resorted to things such as performing mass in Latin, even for non-Latin speakers. They’re also the originators of the phrase “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

This is because as people get bored, they tend to do crazy things, such as challenge the authority of the Romans. Those crazy things aren’t just random occurrences, they are well planned out thoughts.

For years, Albert Einstein worked at the Patents office in Switzerland. This freed up his brain to work on various papers that he was developing. In 1905, he published papers that astonished the academic world. He even described his time there as his most productive.

Boredom is a catalyst for creative thinking and problem solving as it allows the mind to wander, and even day dream.

Boredom is necessary for excellent mental health.

Whether there has been an increase of these conditions, or whether we’re now more accepting of mental issues as serious medical problems, the fact remains that there are now a serious amount of anxiety and depression cases being treated by mental health specialists.

Although there are now more innovative ways to treat the aforementioned issues, it doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t work towards preventing them. Taking a break from stressful events is highly recommended. Other methods such as practicing mindfulness and yoga have helped people deal with those issues.

The one that is rarely mentioned is boredom. A good bout of boredom can help take our minds away from the things that stress us. An almost immediate effect of boredom is the fact that we tend to draw castles in the air; and this is a good thing as it takes your mind away from what’s been stressing you.

Another example is to walk away from all the screens you’ve been looking at.  Take some time away from your workstation, or the television screens and just take a walk. Don’t forget your pup.

While your pup is sniffing its way into exhaustion, your mind will be free to dream up the scenarios you’d be in if you were president, and how you’d creatively solve them, and still keep your approval rating in the high 70s.